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Wolman® E copper azole is an outdoor wood preservative with over 20 years of experience.

The advanced formulation provides long lasting protection against:

  • Decay organisms including copper tolerant fungi

  • Termite resistance

Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood with the correct retention levels can be used in above ground and ground contact applications. Wolman® is ideal for decks, beams, fences, planters and structural uses. See our Product Info Sheet for a complete product description, usage and standards.



Environmental Benefits 

In additional to providing superior termite and fungi decay resistance, treated wood helps preserve wood as a sustainable natural resource.

  • pine is a renewable resource and helps remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

  • pine production requires less energy to produce than alternative buildings materials

  • lighter weight which requires less heavy machinery for installation thus a lesser environmental impact

  • pine has greater insulation value

By preserving with Wolman® you help sustain a natural resource.


Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood is certified by Home Innovation Research Labs as meeting requirements for termite-resistant materials in the National Green Building Standard™ and by EcoSpecifier as a Verified Product.


Technical Specifications

Tech Spec

Wood treated with Wolman® micronized copper azole, (MCA-C) meets requirements of model building codes for many applications, and a code evaluation report on this wood has been issued by ICC Evaluation Service (ESR-1721).

The copper azole treatment is also listed in the standards of the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA). Copper azole formulated preservatives are approved by government and trade agencies throughout the world.


                                                                           AWPA             ICC

Use Category                                                               MCA-C            MCA-C   

Above Ground, Protected (1, 2, 3A)                            0.050                0.050 

Above Ground, Exposed (3B)                                     0.060                0.050   

Ground/Fresh Water Contact (General Use 4A)           0.15                  0.14   


*For heavier treatments such as Marine CCA saltwater splash and immersion please contact us

How to Choose

To get the best performance from your treated lumber you need to pick the appropriate treatment for the condtions it wil be used.

Above Ground

  • not on or in contact with ground

  • will readily dry when it gets wet

  • not located in tropical areas

Ground Contact

  • in ground or contact with ground

  • exposed to daily wetting

  • supporting decks and fences (in ground or concrete)

  • all joists and beams

  • For complete usage guides see below

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